All BioGaia USA product returns must be sent to:

BioGaia USA
Attn: Returns
2900 Brannon Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63139

  • Returns/exchanges that are a result of shipping error or damage may be processed
    through your sales representative and are not subject to return authorization, fees or
    eligibility assessments.
  • All other returns must be itemized and accompanied by a Return Authorization form
    which may be obtained by calling BioGaia USA toll free: 877-776-0101
  • Product returned within 30 days of receipt by customer and meeting policy requirements
    will be processed without transaction or unit fees.
  • Return authorizations will not be issued for any product more than one (1) year past
    expiration date.
  • BioGaia USA will issue credit or check for returned goods within 30 days of their receipt.
    No deduction/credit may be taken prior to that time.
  • Product not purchased either directly from BioGaia USA or from an authorized
    wholesaler of the BioGaia USA will not be accepted for credit.
  • Returned products will be promptly evaluated for credit based on eligibility and/or
    ineligibility. All products returned, regardless of credit eligibility become property of
    BioGaia USA. All BioGaia USA products are returned with the understanding that they
    are subject to final review and evaluation by BioGaia USA and will be processed in
    accordance with the most recent returned goods policy in effect at the time the return is
  • Exchange credits or refunds for returned product will reflect original purchase price of
    merchandise less 10% unless the return is a result of shipper’s error or shipping damage;
    or customer has a specifically contracted return goods agreement with BioGaia USA.
    Credit will not be issued for product sold with the specific understanding that it is
    nonrefundable, as specified in the price list.
  • This returned goods policy applies to the original purchase only. Product which has been
    repackaged, product purchased through a bankruptcy sale, fire sale, sacrifice sale or
    otherwise known as distress merchandise or product not in the original container is not
    eligible for credit.
  • BioGaia USA reserves the right to amend this policy by notification to the customer.