Good stomach health begins with a balanced microflora.*

What is microflora?

The microflora is a complex ecosystem of microorganisms within your gastrointestinal (GI) tract that includes both  protective  and  harmful  bacteria.

When in balance, the microflora supports your body’s digestive and immune systems.*

The microflora helps with the digestion and absorption of nutrients*

The microflora strengthens the immune system*

The microflora provides a natural defense against ingested bacteria and toxins*

What are the primary causes of a disrupted microflora?

The stomach gets bombarded daily by allergens, pollutants, chemicals and bacteria through our food and drink. In addition, certain kinds of medicine, changes in eating habits, or plain old stress can upset the balance of the stomach microflora.*

Our modern way of life can cause harmful bacteria to flourish. The protective bacteria need reinforcing.*

The stomach maintains a stable balance between protective bacteria and harmful bacteria.

If the balance of the microflora is disrupted, the whole system can be thrown off.

Alterations in the stomach microflora have been linked with many common stomach conditions.*

Our modern lifestyle can disrupt that balance.*

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