What are probiotics?

Truly healthy bacteria are known as probiotics – live microorganisms that are proven to benefit our health by restoring the bacteria balance in the body. Healthy bacteria are found in different foods and supplements. So why is it important for us to support healthy bacteria in our bodies? Well, we can’t live without them!

Our Bacteria…

  • Are the first line of defense against bad bacteria and pathogens
  • Support and educate our immune system
  • Help with digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Produce certain vitamins, like vitamin B and K
  • May affect our brain and therefore our mood

Did you know?

80% of our immune defense is located in our gut? ensuring we have A BALANCED MICROBIOTA and enough of good bacteria is important for a well-functioning immune system!

Probiotics Are as Unique as We Are

There are many different probiotic foods and supplements available in the marketplace, each with distinct probiotic strains. Just like different medicines help with specific conditions, different probiotics should be used for specific health benefits!

The Probiotic Strain Matters Most!

Probiotic products can contain a single probiotic strain or multiple strains and have varying bacteria counts. The number of strains and the amount of bacteria in each product, however, does not determine efficacy.

Efficacy depends on the strain(s) a product contains and the clinically studied dosage. For some strains, a relatively low amount of bacteria is needed, while other strains require a larger amount. The most important step to determining the efficacy of a probiotic product is through the evaluation of clinical data.

Think of different PROBIOTIC STRAINS like different dog breeds. A Chihuahua and Great Dane have different characteristics, but they are still dogs.

Which Probiotic is Found in BioGaia Probiotics?

All BioGaia probiotics contain exclusive and beneficial Lactobacillus reuteri strains. L. reuteri has evolved with humans since the beginning of time and is important for our health.

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